Yemi Alade to sue a photographer who captured her exposed backside while performing

Nigerian songstress, Yemi Alade was on stage to thrill her fans over the weekend with an electrifying performance. She had some sort butt revealing bum-short-like clothes which revealed a part of her butt.
A photographer at the event captured the sight for the viewing pleasure of interested persons. The pic made rounds on the internet until it circulated to Yemi Alade herself. On seeing the picture, the songstress expressed her disapproval of the picture like it was some sultry photo that shouldn’t be on the internet. She started seeking the photographer.
The “Johnny” crooner took to her IG page to notify her fans that she’s searching for the photographer who took that photo to possibly sue him for making effort to capture a highly sensitive part of her body on camera. It so happened that someone else behind the said cameraman captured him taking the picture. He actually knelt to get a clear sight.
Right now, Yemi is looking for him. On her IG page, she shared a photo of the photographer kneeling behind her to try and even capture her vagina on camera. However, he only succeeded in capturing her butt chic which was exposed.

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