IBUZZ: Boys Get Raped Too

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Μοιράσου το

I had this friend who told me that when he was in junior secondary school, his female teacher who was serving his school as a youth copper invited him to her house to help him with some class work and of course his studies, when he got to the teachers house, the sex starved teacher immediately removed his pants, threw him on the bed and had a carnal knowledge of him. He didn’t tell anyone because he was ashamed besides nobody would have believed him. I also know a man that was gang raped in a university by five women, he said he got to the third woman and was so tired, but they wouldn’t hear of it, they gave him lucozade boost to drink and continue from where he stopped. Small boys are also sexually harassed and exploited by their madams and aunts. Statistics proves that 85 percent of boys gets sexually exploited in Nigeria every year.

The boy child needs to be catered for physically, mentally and emotionally, the plight of the boy child needs to be addressed holistically, so much campaign, writings and articles has been dedicated to the girl child, but the boy child has been neglected therefore they have been rendered to all kinds of life unending struggle and mischief. People don’t show the same vigor to the boy child who is raped. Countless cases of boys being raped by their uncles, masters, teachers, madams, aunts, step mothers. We have left the boy child vulnerable and we wonder why these boys grow to cause mishap and destructions in the society by involving themselves in drug abuse, rape and violence.

Our society ridicules and make mockery of boys who dare say that they were raped or sexually harassed, men are supposed to be strong and not weakling besides nobody will believe them. The boy child has been left lagging behind, there is need to design an inclusive approach that recognizes the input of both genders. We always campaign for the girl child let’s not forget the boy child too. It’s time to create awareness for these unsung heroes. The boy child is also vulnerable and faces many hurdles in life; he also requires attention just like the girl child. In our efforts to empower the girl child, we should also empower the boy child to strike a balance. They need guidance through their passage to manhood. Yes it’s time to loud it, boys get raped too.


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