Conquering My Fears (How To)

As a child, I was always very afraid of the dark. I never conquered my fears, I am still afraid of the dark sometimes. I always believed that there was a boogeyman under the bed waiting to jump at me.
Then the holy book tells me that he has not given us the spirit of fear but of sound mind. Then my fears became a distance memory.
As an adult, I have fears, fears of uncertainty, you may call it fear of the unknown but I call it anxiety. I can guide my tomorrow but I can’t control the exact outcome.
Instead of expecting the future to give me something specific, I focus on what I will do to create what I want to experience. So I have decided to find my center so as to help me feel better prepared to tackle whatever comes my way.
To conquer fear is to dare greatly, or go out there in the arena and expose ourselves to failure and criticism. To conquer my fears I had to be honest with myself about what exactly my fears were and understanding my own anxieties and limitations and choosing to work through them.
Exposing myself to what I fear was also a good remedy, exposure was a successful way of dealing with my anxiety disorder and everyday fear. So I exposed myself to my fears, it didn’t kill me of course, it made me stronger, courageous and peaceful.
Then when I looked under the bed, there was no boogeyman lurking in the dark and when anxiety comes knocking at the door, I push it by the corner and think positively, shutting down every doors of uncertainty and fears.

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