When I told John I had lost my job, he was surprised and immediately asked me, what happened. I told him I had this overbearing boss and I couldn’t take the heat, she made my job a living hell, John looked at me and said, so you resigned from your job because someone was trying to frustrate your effort, he shook his head and said, you should have a fighting spirit and immediately he said that it struck a chord.
He told me the truth, I never had a fighting spirit, I was not a fighter. I give up on things too easily, it was an underlying truth I deter telling myself. Maybe I needed someone to actually say it to me.
That word never left me, I became self absorbed and resolved within myself not to give up easily ever again.
John never knew the impact he made in my life toady but he literally saved my life. I started fighting back, fighting for what I believe in, fighting for my sanity and peace of mind, fighting for my voice, never again was I boxed to a corner.
Someone somewhere is like me, always giving up, and being shut down.
Always on the receiving end, Always the weak one, always the victim, the one to be pitied. It’s time to fight back. Its time fight against all odds.
Fight for what you believe in, fight for your success, fight for your happiness, your marriage, your carrier, your dreams, goals, ambition. Find your voice and let no one shut you down. You really don’t have to eat the crumb from the masters table. Always remember that quitters never win and winners never quit.

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