Reduce Menstrual Pain by Eating This Diet

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There are some women who experience different pain during the monthly menstruation. This intense pain and suffering disturb their work schedules, raise a family and even stop working for a living.

Many take drugs and get well, others do not like medicine because they cause unforeseen side effects and have to endure suffering until after menstruation. Today in our article we are looking at how to reduce menstrual pain by looking at foods that can be used as medicine.

Diet is an alternative because it is used to reduce the level of hormones or chemicals that cause pain. To have a good understanding, let’s look at the root of the problem until it causes severe pain during menstruation, and then we look at foods that can solve the problem.


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The chemical form of prostaglandins is a source of pain during menstruation. This chemical is made up of fat cells found in the cells.
The function of this chemical is to cause swelling, muscle contractions, blood vessels and blood clots.

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Shortly before menstruation begins, the wall of cells producing prostaglandins builds up in the pregnant city. During menstruation, these cells break down and cause prostaglandis to come out of the mass. This causes blood vessels to shrink, muscles cramp and cause severe pain.

Chemicals of prostaglandins also enter the bloodstream and cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

The level of prostaglandins is much higher in women who experience pain during menstruation than in those who do not.

Many women taking contraceptives also reduce menstrual pain because the tablets inhibit the growth of prostaglandins-producing cells. But it is also possible to achieve goals by looking at the types of foods.



Foods can work to reduce the menstrual cycle by adjusting the level of the hormone in the body.
Orogen is a female hormone that is released into the body for cell-producing activities. The estrogen is given in varying degrees depending on the woman’s menstrual cycle.

To reduce pain, it is good to consider: Reduce fatty foods. Fatty foods cause estrogen to be produced in large quantities, thus producing more cells in the pregnant city.

Eat fiber foods. Fiber helps to cleanse the body by easily removing estrogen from the body, thus reducing its blood pressure and inhibiting cell growth in the reproductive tract.
Eat whole grains, leafy vegetables and fruits. This dietary fiber contains fiber which is used to reduce the amount of estrogen in the body as well as to drink real fruit juices.

Avoid drinking alcohol or eating processed foods, which do not contain natural fat, which may contain more fat that can cause you more problems. Changing foods is very helpful. Many women enjoy the results and even think about why they would not do this exercise earlier.
Eat well and lose weight to stay healthy. It is important to focus on eating whole grains, leafy vegetables and fruits.


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