[18+] 5 Best Non-Penetrative Sex For You To Try



I’m guessing you’re wondering what non-penetrative sex is. Think no further, its exactly what you think it is. No dicking down whatsoever, you’re gonna have to learn how to tease and satisfy your partner without inserting your tool into her. We’re here to help with that. Moreover, there are times you just want to play around.

Julia Hamilton at the Cosmopolitan shares a few positions that might interest you.

  1. The Cheeky Monkey

The Cheeky Monkey

This quite straightforward like the image above, while the lady lays belly down, straddle her waist, lubricate the penis and slide it back and forth down in between the ass cheeks. You can switch up and allow the dick cap to brush over the pussy lips but remember, no penetration.

  1. The Boob Tube

The Boob Tube

You must have done this before but for people who haven’t, its pretty straightforward. Ladies with small boobs might have a challenge with this but support it with your hands. Get some lubrication on your boobs and put the dick in between the boobs and push back and forth over the dick. You can invert it as well, where the lady lays down and the guy straddles her dick, in both cases the boobs have to be oiled. The sensation is very nice, go on, try it.

  1. The Frontal Fondle

The Frontal Fondle

Okay, so this is one that you’ve done before she agreed for you to penetrate her, this was most probably done at the fool around stage. It’s quite easy, infact it doesn’t require everyone to be naked, you can be in your under wears, nothing with zipper is advised because she will be on top and rubbing her pussy against the dick. Fondling with the boobs will be extra pleasure, so go and sharpen your boobs play.

  1. The standing slide

The standing slide.

Let her stand slightly bent forward, and while you stand behind her, with leg closed. Press the leg together with the lubricated dick start thrusting in between her legs. You can bend at an angle where the dick can rub against her clit or you can be nice enough to use your hands to massage the spot.

  1. The Pit fuck

The Pit Fuck

This is the weirdest one yet. I will try to explain it the best I can. In short, you’ll be thrusting into her armpit with the lubricated dick. Yes! You’ll be having sex with her armpit.  The image above describes how this is achieved. Once, you’ve mastered this position, you can add value, other service such as using your tongue on her pussy because of the position. Hell, you can even use your hand and mouth down there, incredible flexibility will be needed.


There you’re, this might be good for those couples that don’t want to have sex yet but still wanna explore their sexuality.

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